Transparent Fish Revealed to Be the “Loudest” Ever Discovered by Scientists

In a laboratory in Berlin, Germany, scientists were intrigued by mysterious noises coming from fish tanks. Upon investigation, they discovered that fish of the species Danionella cerebrum, tiny and transparent, produce a surprisingly loud sound, comparable to the noise of a jackhammer.

Another noisy fish, but of large size, is the Pogonias cromis, known as black drum.

These fish emit the powerful sound through their swim bladder, reaching up to 140 decibels in the surrounding waters, equivalent to the sound of a gunshot. Researchers suggest that this “percussive touch” may serve as a form of social communication among individuals of this species.

While in many cases in nature, the larger the animal, the louder the sound it produces, in the underwater world, this rule seems to be inverted. Danionella cerebrum, despite their diminutive size, are among the loudest creatures ever discovered. In addition to their ability to emit sounds, these small fish are valued by science due to their transparency, which allows researchers to observe their brains in action and study their behavior up close.

The study of these fish offers fascinating insights into communication and social interactions in the underwater realm.

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